Is your child having trouble at school?


Does their personality change at the mention of grades or do they become surprisingly defensive when you casually ask them to read something out loud?

For many, school is a struggle.

Whatever the cause is, anxiety is the most common symptom. This stress can distract and lead to slow learning, sometimes resulting in your son or daughter withdrawing socially and losing interest in their own education.

We at Inspire Academy work hard to provide a safe environment for our students. Recognizing the importance of your child enjoying themselves and the impact feeling confident can have on the learning process, we are thrilled to share four ways to lower your child’s school related anxiety. These four tips focus on lowering this anxiety and stopping it in its tracks.

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Inspire Academy is a private institution located in Colleyville, Texas. We specialize on providing individualized attention to students who may have different learning abilities, such as dyslexia, ADHD, dysgraphia and dyscalculia. Our school fuses multi-sensory instruction techniques with Christian values to create a safe place to learn for intelligent yet outside the box sons and daughters.

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