Relationships and Safe Learning

  • The reduction of fear in the classroom begins with the relationship created with the students.
  • Arguably the quality of the relationships teachers have with students is thekeystone of effective management and perhaps even the entirety of teaching.”
  • Marzano suggests teachers provide “a sense that teacher and students are a team devoted to the well-being of the all participants” (149).
  • In this type of environment, the control of not only fear but other emotions is essential to prevent inhibition of student success.
  • Educators manage positive and even negative reinforcement with a strong commitment to their team that include the students within the classroom.
  • Commitment to this climate emotionally controlled classroom provides a safe and stimulating learning situation.
  • It is important to create this from the very beginning and reinforce such a classroom with tangible opportunities to represent individual care and concern of the students participating in the team.
  • Anxiety essentially ‘shuts down’ working

Marzano, R. J. (2007). The art and science of teaching: A comprehensive framework for effective instruction. Alexandria, Va.: Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development.

Dana Judd