I love this school Inspire Academy, and it’s a really good school for me. I’m actually doing better here than what I got at smithfield Middle School. It helps a lot to have good friends there to have a good laugh with me, and to not have vulgar people around. I have a loving teacher and everyone in the school knows God! I can’t wait to see the new school logo and the new building!
— Student

We placed our child in Inspire Academy after previously attending three schools that were unable to accommodate the special learning needs that he has (Asperger’s, ADHD, Dyslexia, SPD and LD). It was important to us to find a school that had small class sizes, individualized learning plans, and
placed an emphasis on the personal care of its students. Dana and her staff have made great effortsto accommodate our Son’s needs and provide these requirements.

It has been truly remarkable to see how Dana’s expertise and insight have allowed her to bridge over the gap of our Son’s learning disabilities and help him successfully learn and complete his course work. Dana understands him and knows how to present the lessons in a manner he can understand. She is very warm and has been able to build a rapport with him that few others have even come close to.

Our son loves this school and has told me he is learning a lot because his teacher’s take time to answer his questions and explain the lessons using illustrations he can understand. Our Son also enjoys the physical activities and tactile methods incorporated in his instruction. The curriculum is
very robust and the kinesthetic learning format has greatly increased our son’s retention and comprehension.

Our child has made several friends and now looks forward to going to school again. It is wonderful to see him in an environment that he thrives in and makes him happy.

My wife and I are thrilled to have finally found a school that understands our child and truly cares about him. We are very grateful for the great results and academic gains our son has realized in just a short time at Inspire Academy. We strongly recommend this school for parents that are looking to make a change.
— Christopher B. Clark

I just want to share that I feel this School has been a God send for my son. I have seen such a change in him even in just a month of attending. He is regaining his confidence in his academic abilities and his stress is gone! He is happier and he is looking forward to planning out his future goals for the coming years. He is looking forward to attending next year. I am so thankful for Dana and her encouraging and caring way that she teaches, she has been a blessing to us!
— Julie Taylor

School was a battle before Inspire Academy. We felt like we had tried all that his school had to offer, but it still wasn’t working. More than that, our 6th grade son was beginning to believe he couldn’t succeed. Insert Inspire Academy. He has HOPE. He has FRIENDS and he can’t wait to go to school each day because he knows he can succeed.

Inspire Academy has given our family the ability to BREATHE. We are no longer waiting for another call from the school - he excitedly tells me about his day and what he’s looking forward to tomorrow. We don’t have to spend our evenings battling 4 hours of needless homework - we can spend time WITH him enjoying life with our family.

But, it’s not just what Inspire Academy has already done for our son, but how I am looking at the future. I’m embarrassed to say it, but it has been years since I allowed myself to consider anything beyond survival in school for my boy. But now, we are talking about things he wants to study for fun (and they aren’t just video game-related) AND how he wants to leverage his heart and skills for the good of the world. That is a miracle straight from God thru Inspire Academy.
— Kayla Joy Hurst

Inspire Academy has been a huge answer to prayer for my teenagers. They love Ms. Judd so much, and they know how much she loves them. I am so thankful my teenagers LOVE going to school! Academics, friendships, prayer, all at school! It’s a rare blessing. Excited for next year!!
— Amanda Hayes