About The School

Inspire Academy is a "safe place to learn"  using differentiated instruction and multi-sensory instruction techniques allowing for multiple intelligence and strength compensations. 


Following God’s direction, Inspire Academy was founded on Christian principles. All four of Dana's children struggled with dyslexia and dysgraphia and also had secondary challenges of anxiety and ADHD.  She has a diagnosed twice exceptional son with dyslexia yet also gifted and talented intelligence.  Passionate to meet the needs of not only her own children, she created Inspire Academy to provide a Christian learning environment for these intelligent yet "outside the box" students.  Believing all children are “… unique, marvelously made by God", Inspire Academy was created to provide a Christian school for the language learning challenges and emotional secondary symptoms that have resulted from previous school environments that failed to meet the fundamental needs of the student (Psalms 139:14).